Subli Image System

This software mix to one picture some text sentence into an imperceptible state, this mean that the human eye are not capable to read and understand the sentence while their unconscious do it, this is called subliminal way.

On can take advantage of this way in a lot of situations where on need to change the mood, courage, make one person begin to have great confidence in one treatment, curation, or also with help in any esoteric work. It is known that the belief in oneself and one state of feelings good is necessary to have success in any kind of goal.

This system can be an extraordinary help in a width rage of situations, where on need to grow up the onwn believing, armonize the inside feelings, help in any curation therapy or simply when on need to reach any goal, that mean to accelerate the process of realization. It is well known that the auto belief and good encouragement make the success much fast while the depression and person with lack of auto belief retard or make obstacles to the good end.

This process can be used in conjuntion with any type of therapy or work made by other system to help to obtain fast results. Also can be used as standalone in some cases.


The use is very easy, just choose one photo or image ( JPG o BMP )  which are the most common on internet, your computer or taken from any digital camera. The image can be a landscape, one joy people scene, one pantacle or symbol or also the one personal photo. Open it with the software, in the text box write a short phrase with affirmative sense, 4 words as maximum are ok. Then push on a button the phrase will be writed into the picture almost imperceptible, with the schroll you can adjust the exact point when the phrase begin to get invisible ... this point is the adequate one for the purpose you need. Save the picture and send it to the person that need it, advicing him/her to watch the photo 10 minutes every day, for example before go into bed on night.

System requeriments:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 , 8.1, 10
100 mb minimum disk space.

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