Radionic Soft System v5.

                      (ver:  Version in Español)                       (vedere: Versione in Italiano)

Through this software we want to help to people that work for curing other people using RADIONICS waves,  with a new, efficient and clean computerized method. This last version improves more tools and efficient quality of the service

RADIONIC SOFT SYSTEM v5 include although a diagnose system (to detect the radionic number) as the emiting way of waves. Also it can magnetize products directly (water for example).

A very complete amount of functions permit to user to diagnose  which type of session and wave to use. The same software can replace the use of a pendulum because there are a fine system to detect through the "sense" of the therapist some parameters that allow to the software compute the radionic number searched.

Onother way to obtain the number vibration:  a large list of psyco/physic simptoms allow to the user click on any one that your client suffer. When all symptoms are selected a mixing algorithm compress all data into only one radionic number.

RADIONIC SOFT SYSTEM v5. includes a database with known radionic precalculated values for  gems, homeopathy, aromatherapy, Bach essences, herbal, vitamins, amino acids, California essences, minerals and oligo elements. You can add or modify the databases (some names are in Spanish but easy to understand, you can edit the dabase names).


This process can be do it by two ways:

1) Variable value waves: much effective because it is not rejected for the subject
2) Fixed waves:  the classical way with known value waves

You can also send radionic waves based in a REIKI value (you need to be initialized in Reiki or to have the natural gift by curing hand imposition).

To obtain sending values you can act through any of these ways:

1)  Through pendulum help
2)  Searching direct values in the database (herbal, essences, gems, homeopathy, etc)
3)  Random
4)  By 'adding selection' from your intuition (our exclusive new method) than obtain the value easily.
5)  Chromotherapy
6)  By astral chart computation
7)  By chakras

As a witness help, you can insert  a photo of your client.
You can add music or sounds.

Software can call a scanner for getting pictures (Twain scanners only), and also can get a photo from a web camm. Of couse you can load images from a file too.

You can set automatic sessions for all your clients, then the software call call any record sequentially to send its waves, and when all are sent it finish the procedure (it can close up windows and the power if you set them).


(NOTE: To send radionics waves can optionally be complemented with the GlobalRadionicSystem (see), not included in the price)

Minimum system requirements:

Windows XP,Vista,Windows7, 8.1 or 10
95 Mb. free HD
Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768
Printer (optional)
Sound card
Twain scanner (optional)
Camm (optional)
512  Mb. ram.

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